Authority Article Writing Services

Research-packed, clear, data-driven health and medical articles can help position your brand and increase authority.

Building authority in the health and medical market is critical to sustaining and growing your brand and reaching your brand goals. Our authority article writing services can improve your company’s position as a trustworthy provider of reliable and accurate information so you can increase your exposure to your target audience and customers.

Objectives of Authority Health and Medical Articles

Authority articles are critical elements of every content marketing plan for numerous reasons. By publishing authority articles on your website, you can;

  • Demonstrate expertise and reliability in your field
  • Offer value and knowledge to your readers
  • Become a reference for other websites and establish some shareable content
  • Build credibility among your potential customers
  • Increase traffic on your website
  • Deliver a useful reader experience through sharing knowledge and information

Empower your readers to make well-informed health and medical decisions

Authority Article Pricing

Post Length


Short (800 words)

£20 / $30

Mid (1600 words)

£40 / $60

Long (2500 words)

£60 / $90

Clients are required to provide the topic, keywords and are free to suggest reference links and a partial outline of the post.
If you’re interested in ordering a large number of authority articles, or numerous articles on a monthly basis, we can discuss article packages at a discounted rate per article.
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Information On Authority Article Writing

Producing high quality authority articles takes effort and dedication. Below are some of the necessary elements which go into the production of our successful authority articles;

The Production Process: To product high quality content, you need to take a strategic approach. this begins with a particular topic or goal in mind, from hereon the article needs to be carefully planned, outlined and formatted in a logical way to make it easy for your reader to follow and take in the information.
Research & Data: Authority articles must contain relevant and supportive data and research, which requires adequate and appropriate amounts of research. Articles must be structured in such a way which highlights these findings selectively. This further adds to credibility and reliability to the article and ultimately to your brand.
Single Source of Information: The aim of authority articles is to become a single and reliable source of information. This means that your article must answer every question the reader could possibly have on the subject. In other words, your authority article needs to fulfill the readers intent in finding out information on your particular niche topic.
Authority articles strategically invite new potential customers and readers to your brand by offering value and substance. If you’re looking to build on your brands authority, then publishing valuable articles on high-authority sites such as LinkedIn is an excellent strategy you can add to your marketing plans.

Hire An Expert Health And Medical Article Writer

As discussed above, successful article writing requires both strategy and skill. This is why hiring an experienced and professional health and medical article writer can be one of the best and simplest ways to ensure that you are publishing high-quality content that has a greater chance of success.
An expert health and medical article writer can produce high-quality content for your brand by;

  • Carrying out extensive literature searches
  • Narrowing down on appropriate supportive data, studies and statistics
  • Researching further articles and thinking of new topics to discuss
  • Outlining and simplifying technical concepts so that they make sense to the reader
  • Writing in clear, concise yet helpful and engaging language
  • Formatting content so that it’s both readable and enjoyable for your readers

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